6.2 Search Volatility explained: How SEMrush's Sensor tool retains clients

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How to know when Google changes the algorithm causing search volatility: why your site suddenly dropped from Google’s radar

SEMrush Sensor measures search volatility in search engine results pages, tracking more than 20 categories on mobile and desktop and highlighting possible major and minor Google Updates. 

Why is volatility important? Well, when you are tracking the positions for your site and that of your competition, you want to know why your site may be up or down in the rankings, even when you haven’t made changes to the site. With the Sensor tool, you can explain to stakeholders the reason for this volatility.

In case you missed it, Google says users performed over 3 trillion searches on their platform every year. 

Click the thumbnail to load the video and get a better sense of how you can efficiently monitor your website’s volatility.

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Search Volatility

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Google: 15% of their users' text searched had never been performed before.