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Beat Your Competition Online (BYCO) is the #1 absolutely FREE course on the internet for learning performance marketing in a quick but useful way.

The course is totally free. We just ask you to sign up for the FREE SEMrush trial using an email address you haven’t used with them before. If you like the course, keep the SEMrush membership so we can earn just a little to cover our costs at Beat Your Competition Online

No need, the course is totally free!

  1. Clear your browser cookies.
  2. Go to this URL: Click here for the link –
  3. Sign up as a NEW USER with a previously unused email address. 
  4. Start using the platform and watch the Beat Your Competition Online course!

Yes. Cookies are the functionality that ensures the site works properly. For example, they ensure that our server knows you are logged in as you go from page to page, or if you accidentally close your browser window, you can quickly restart where you left off without having to login again.

Sure, while we understand this can be frustrating, we recommending the following steps:

  • Clear browser cookies and cache
  • Deactivate browser plug-ins
  • Quit and restart your web browser
  • Restart your computer.
  • Update your computer’s system and web browsing software

If none of those steps solve the issue, please contact us!

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