6.3 SEO Audit: a How-to Guide with SEMrush

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The most important tool for technical SEO Audit

What’s the first tool we use when evaluating a new web site?

SEMrush’s SEO Audit report will help you find and fix on-site issues and boost SEO optimization for your domain.

Conducting an SEO-evaluation might seem a time-consuming job. But if you use the right tools, finding and fixing on-site errors can be carried out in an efficient manner. With the SEMrush Site Audit tool, you can perform a comprehensive technical SEO audit at hyperspeed!

Analyzing your website with the SEMrush SEO audit tool’s reports helps you make it more accessible for search engine robots. It also helps you ensure a positive user experience.

If you can’t crawl your website with the SEMrush SEO Audit tool, then Google cannot crawl it either. This makes your site invisible to Google, thus virtually ineffective as a marketing tool.

With so much competition online, you need a robust tool to tell you exactly which changes you need to make to your website to make it more easily searchable! Click the thumbnail to load the video and get a better sense of how you can optimize your site…

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