7.3 Getting Hulk-like power with SEMrush Marketing APIs

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If you aren’t leveraging Marketing APIs in your business, you aren’t beating the competition online!

What’s an API?

Application Programming Interface (API) is a feature of SEMrush that allows you to receive the raw data offered in SEMrush without having to manually log into the software. By making an API call, you will be able to receive information right in your browser without having to navigate SEMrush itself.

Our customers typically use this feature if they just want to see the data we offer and not use any of our interface features. Or, if they have their own custom software and they would like to implement our data into it.

SEMrush’s API interface works with API units. Each API call has a particular price per line of data. Depending on how many lines you request in your API call, it will cost you a certain amount of units. For example, if you make an API call for 10 lines of data — and each line costs 10 API units — it would cost you 100 API units to make that API call.

The price of each Marketing API call is listed on the Marketing API Documentation page. You can apply these to all of the Marketing API calls you see on the SEMrush Marketing API Documentation page.

With so much competition online, you may need a robust tool to help you leverage the power of SEMrush in your projects! Click the thumbnail to load the video and get a better sense of how you can leverage SEMrush APIs!

Marketing APIs: SEMrush Automation

Did you know???

Google and Facebook each receive over 5 Bill API calls/day. Twitter receives over 13 Billion