7.1 Managing your SEMrush projects

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Marketing Project Management can be a nightmare, especially with SEO projects.

Fortunately, SEMrush has a tool for Marketing Project Management…

While Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics are reporting tools that let you use the search bar to conduct research in the SEMrush databases, Projects (under the Management section) allow you to gather marketing data from outside of the SEMrush database.

By launching a project, you can set up a number of different tools (like Site Audit and Position Tracking) that each focus on a different aspect of online marketing. These tools are separate from the research reports that are triggered by using the main SEMrush search bar.

You need SEMrush’s Project Manager to help you succeed in marketing project management. Click the thumbnail to load the video and get your project managed!

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Marketing Project Management

Did you know???

According to the PMI research, across all industries, the average percentage of projects that are deemed failures is 14 percent committed. Don’t let your SEMrush project fail!