13.1 Top Email Productivity Tool: Introduction to Mailbutler

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If you are looking for a tool to change the way you email, look no further than Mailbutler

If you are like everyone else, email stinks. The world of email has devolved into a daily practice of checking the inbox, just as you would the mailbox at home. Most of use dread the next spam message or customer service notice from our mobile phone service provider. It is almost to the point where email cannot even be used as a business tool!

Why use the tool?

Mailbutler is the leading email productivity extension for Apple Mail, Gmail and Microsoft Outlook that enables you to have a more powerful inbox than ever before. The extension offers email-enhancing features such as email tracking, scheduling or snoozing. Create professional email signatures to represent your brand and use follow-up reminders to better manage your cold emails. Mailbutler offers a simple solution to increase the capability of your inbox to handle personal as well as work related emails within a team or as a single user.


Inbox Organization Features
  • Snooze

It temporarily mutes emails from the user’s inbox for any chosen time.

  • Send Later

It schedules emails to be sent on a preferred time or date, even when the user is offline.

  • Notes

The user can attach memos to emails that can also sync with third party apps.

  • Tasks

The user can turn emails into a to-do list that they can also sync with third party apps.

Communication Features
  • Follow-up Reminders

It reminds users when to follow-up to an old email, if they have yet to receive a response.

  • Email Tracking

It notifies the user when someone has opened their email.

  • Link Tracking

It notifies the user when someone has opened the link in their email.

  • Tracking Details

It is summary of when, where, and on which device the user’s email has been opened.

  • BCC to CRM

It automatically sends a copy of all your outgoing messages to the user’s preferred CRM service.

  • Undo Send

The user can recall an outgoing email immediately after it is sent, so they can edit any mistakes.

Compose & Creation Features
  • Message Templates

They are pre-written emails and pre-defined placeholders, in order to write emails faster.

  • Email Signatures

They are built-in signature templates that match different professional styles and can be customized.

Contact Features
  • Contact Analytics

It is customer data gathered from previous email history that shows best time and date to reach out.

  • Conversation History

It displays the subject lines from past email threads.

  • Contact Information

The user can create, view, and share their name, email, social media, job position, and much more.

  • Notes

Users can create, view, share and attach memos onto Contacts

  • Tasks

Users can create, view, share a to-do list onto Contacts.

Team Features
  • Shared Notes

Users can share memos to their Mailbutler team members.

  • Shared Tasks

Users can give a to-do list to their Mailbutler team members.

  • Shared Message Templates

They are predesigned message templates that users can share with their Mailbutler team.

  • Shared Email Signatures

The user can create a customized team signature that generates individual signatures in seconds.

Compatible Platforms

  • Apple Mail
  • Google Mail
  • Outlook

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