1.6 Better SEO Reporting: How to Impress Your Clients Today

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Creating great Social Media Reporting is key to retaining clients!

In today’s lesson, you will learn how you can use SEMrush social media reporting tools to master your firm’s SEO reporting. We know reports are thought of as boring, but they can save you time and let’s not forget, time IS money. 

We know from our own clients that simply doing the work is not enough we need to show our work. That’s why it is so important to master SEO reporting. Writing a social media report doesn’t need to be tedious. Indeed, with this episode you’ll learn how to set it up so that you can essentially automate the task every month or reporting period.

Why use this SEO Reporting tool?

You probably know that social media is an important tool for businesses to grow and bring people to their website. But, maybe you’re having trouble figuring out exactly HOW to best engage and grow your audience. The Social Media Toolkit offers two unique tools to track your social competitor’s strategy and also plan our your own campaigns in a calendar. You would then use the My Report functionality to relay your SEO reporting work to clients.

Click the thumbnail to load the video and learn the techniques we use to create compelling reports. These Social media reporting tools ensure you can clearly understand your ongoing marketing campaigns and clearly communicate with stakeholders.

We hope you have enjoyed the course as much as we have enjoyed creating it to spread the marketing knowledge. As always, feel free to send ideas for improvement.

A top tip is to think of your stakeholder reading your report. Imagine that you are the business owner, or marketing director or analyst, or even investor. Which information would they find more valuable? Put it at the top of the report. It can also be good to bury the least useful data somewhere in the middle. That’s often the area of your report least likely to be read.

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