3.5 Backlink Checker: Use the SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool to find your site’s backlink gaps

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Plug the gaps in your backlinks to improve your SERP results

In this lesson, we will use a backlink checker to see who is linking to our site. Now, let us dive right into SEMrush’s Backlink Gaps Tool to learn which where the backlinks are so you can build a backlink campaign to help you rank higher on Google.

A backlink checker can…

  • help improve your organic rankings in search;
  • help Google index your pages faster;
  • attract great referral traffic;
  • help users better navigate through various websites and pages online by feeding them with additional, relevant information.

Click the thumbnail to load the video and learn where the holes are in your backlinks!

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P.P.S. Be sure to check out SEMrush’s knowledge base for further information about the Backlink Gaps Tool.

Backlink Checker Gap Tool

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