6.6 Time to analyze the logs! Technical SEO: Log Page Analyzer

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Do you know what your logs are saying about your digital marketing efforts?

Technical SEO: Did you ever wonder what Google’s search bot see when it tries to examine your website? 

SEMrush has a Technical SEO tool for that: the innovative Log File Analyzer – a tool that allows you to examine your site from the perspective of a Googlebot.

Technical SEO: what is it for? It’s for determining…

  • which errors were found during the crawl;
  • which are your most crawled pages;
  • whether you spend your crawl budget efficiently.

With Log File Analyzer you will clearly understand what happens in your Technical SEO when a search engine crawls your website leaving no questions unanswered, and no stones unturned. 

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Did you know???

According to IPSWITCH, the average enterprise will accumulate up to 4GB of log data every day. Over 95% of the data within the log files consists of detailed entries recording every successful event or transaction taking place on the system.