5.2 Backlink Auditing: Let us show you how to perform a backlink audit

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Are toxic backlinks killing your website rankings online?

A thorough backlink audit is an essential step for checking your website’s health. It allows you to detect if your website is at risk of being penalized, and identify weak and valuable links. While it may seem time-consuming, a proper link audit requires a manual review.

Did you know? 

  • Google can identify links built with forbidden ways. To stay safe from a penalty, build links by White Hat methods; including Guest Posting, Internal Linking, Niche-Based Directories, and Affiliation Links.
  • You should avoid Black Hat methods, such as Paid Links, Spam Comments, Duplicate Content, and Article Spinning. 

With so much competition for Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings, you need robust tools to decide where to compete. Click the thumbnail to load the video and get a better sense of how to audit your website’s backlinks.

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Did you know???

You can perform a backlink audit in under an hour!